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Sonia Bagga is the founder and the Chief Architect cum Designer at Built Environment. Her portfolio includes projects across residential, institutional and commercial environments. Over the past two decades, Sonia Bagga has evolved a method of designing interiors based on an experential as well as an aesthetic approach. Bagga’s designs have a timeless quality. “We design by imagining the experience of moving through a space, seeing how the light will enter and live within; exploring what the response of the client will be…” She has a passion for contemporary architecture and her appreciation is reflected in the way she works with all concerned: advocating a design process which encourages collaboration across all levels.. Her style has a unique and refreshing approach which has won her accolades from her peers and clients.

Sonia Bagga is a professional architect and designer and has over 25 years of experience; she leads a team of young and talented architects, interior and landscape designers. Those who currently work alongside her are

Sonia Bagga
Abhishek Jain
Anshu Kumari
Kailash Indora
Jasleen Waraich

The highly experienced design, technical and fulfillment team is able to offer total support from design to delivery at all stages of any residential or commercial project.