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Lighting design

At Built Environment we believe in good lighting in a home or business is one of those things that is invisible - if it’s done well… you only notice the lighting in a room if it’s too bright or too dim – not if it’s all right… Until of course it’s meant to highlight or shock! We offer sound and concrete advice to our clients on how to derive the best out of the science and art of using lighting to bring life to their environments in an eco friendly manner. We deal with the best lighting solution brands that will make your environments aesthetically pleasing, warm, happy and comfortable.

It is from our years of experience that we believe that the spaces which we have designed and those which have been the most successful are the spaces where architectural lighting design has been given its full import. It is the vehicle which the design work is experienced. It allows the architecture to take form and it allows the clients to have great flexibility in the many moods which only lighting is capable of creating.